Democrats Push $100 Billion Giveaway to Economic Migrants, Business


The Democrats’ $1.7 trillion social-spending bill includes roughly $100 billion to accelerate immigration and give welfare to the children of poor migrants.

A White House document released Thursday says the money will be used to provide layers to migrants and speed border processing for many migrants:

The Build Back Better framework includes a $100 billion investment that will improve our immigration system by providing long awaited relief to millions through reconciliation, and making enhancements to reduce backlogs, expand legal representation, and make the asylum system and border processing more efficient and humane.

The draft bill released by the House includes some spending plans, such as $2.8 billion to speed the award of green cards and citizenship to migrants. None of the $100 billion would be used to finish former President Donald Trump’s border wall or to build more jail cells for drug smugglers.

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