Democrats Embrace Child Mutilation, Morbid Obesity to Replace Working Class

To replace working-class, black, and Hispanic voters, Democrats are embracing permanent child mutilation and morbid obesity.

It’s no secret that Democrats were once the party of the working class. Those days are long over. Democrats have not only lost working-class voters, but Democrats also express open contempt for working-class voters.

Democrats are also losing more and more Hispanic voters with every election cycle. And now black voters are peeling away. Black voters are a core Democrat constituency. A loss of just ten percent of black voters, like the one shaping up in next month’s midterms, could be devastating. We can only hope.

The reasons for these losses are obvious. As Democrats seek to appeal more and more to women, most especially shrill, unhappy, bossy single women, they are turning off everyday Americans, including those who happen to be black and Hispanic. To appeal to left-leaning women, Democrats have to hate what left-leaning women hate: God, tradition, masculinity, the innocence of children, fun, America, jokes, and the nuclear family.


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