Democrats’ early voting lead in Florida evaporates in first few hours of Election Day voting

The Washington Examiner:

Republican voters have already taken out a significant chunk of the Democratic early voting lead just a few hours into Election Day voting. 

“Republicans in Florida outvoted Democrats by 20k votes as of 7:20 AM…. and the panhandle isn’t even open yet,” author Ryan James Girdusky noted on Twitter, echoing a similar observation by Republican pollster Patrick Ruffini. 

“Republicans already outvoting Dems 2.5 to 1 in Pinellas today after being slightly outvoted by them in early voting period,” Ruffini said. 

During the early voting period, Democrats outvoted Republicans in the state of Florida by 1.3%, slightly lower than their 2016 advantage of 1.4% heading into Election Day. A wave of Republican voters on Election Day powered President Trump to victory in the state. 

Due to fears over the coronavirus pandemic, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was expected to build up significant leads in mail-in and early voting. Polls have indicated Biden has an overwhelming lead with those who planned to vote early and by mail, while Trump is slated to garner a significant lead among those that planned to vote in-person on Election Day. 

While Democrats did build up an early voting lead in most battleground states across the country, it might not be as large as they were hoping. Early data out of the battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Florida have shown Republicans keeping pace with Democrats in the lead up to Election Day. 

Republicans are hoping an Election Day wave is enough to push Trump over the top in his reelection bid. 

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