Democrats Cling Desperately to Trump Hatred

American Greatness:

The Democrats are not going to be able to hide much longer behind their Trump hatred. But it’s really all they’ve got.

These are among the darkest days of American democracy. With nearly airtight totalitarian uniformity, the American media robotically repeat that there is no possible argument to be made that the 2020 presidential election produced an unjust result. In the same magical spirit of post-electoral unanimity, President Trump has been condemned for his remarks to hundreds of thousands of his supporters in Washington on January 6, and it is now a political commandment that he is responsible for the ensuing illegal forced entry and fatal violence at the United States Capitol.

He actually told his supporters that they should “peacefully and patriotically make your voices be heard” when they proceeded on to the Capitol; this is a minor inconvenience to the confected consensus that the president shouldn’t serve out the last week of his term.


No honest and informed person can doubt there is room for skepticism about the accuracy of the presidential vote in five or six states in the November presidential election. As with the elections of 1876 (Rutherford Hayes), 1960 (John F. Kennedy), and 2000 (George W. Bush), we will never know who really won, but once the system has produced a result, it doesn’t matter, except to the individuals involved.

The Democrats generally assumed that after four years of constant defamatory mockery of Trump by 95 percent of the national political media and with a two-to-one campaign spending advantage, in the midst of a pandemic, they would bury Donald Trump and take the Congress and the country easily. They only won by a whisker after recourse to questionable voting methods under cover of the pandemic, and with Joe Biden invoking the virus as his reason for staying at home while the rabidly partisan media campaigned for him. They lost ground in the Congress and the country. Instead of a tidal wave generated by Trump-hate, almost half the country believes, for the first time in American history, that they were cheated.

Last Wednesday, there was no audible complaint about the president’s lengthy and detailed recitation of the irregularities in the election when he addressed a crowd of approximately 300,000 people. But when a small fragment of that crowd assaulted the Capitol, the Democrats saw the opportunity to hang it around the president’s neck and impose a morally imperative myth through their sycophantic media and social media allies that Biden had won a clear-cut victory.

Democrats replicated the opportunism they exhibited last year when they reversed the president’s lead in the polls by demanding a politically destructive economic shutdown to fight the coronavirus (that only endangered the lives of just over one percent of the population). That gambit, and the electoral dirty tricks division with the mighty media chorus and censorship by the social media cartel, enabled them to squeak through to victory.

We have seen this week the complete suppression of any acknowledgment of legitimate questions about the election outcome, along with the persecution in the U.S. Senate and by the social media cartel and many corporations across American industry of anyone supporting Trump’s claim of an unjust election. And we have had an orchestrated demand that the president resign because of his alleged responsibility for the Capitol violence, failing which he should be removed for mental incompetence, or that he be impeached and removed for incitement of insurrection.

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