Democrats allow NYC minorities to suffer while affluent whites stay safe  

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NY Post

In 2014, when he was first inaugurated mayor, Bill de Blasio boasted that he’d end the “Tale of Two Cities.” Eight years later, his Democratic successors have only deepened inequality in New York — and put blacks and Latinos in harm’s way much more than whites. Affluent white neighborhoods remain largely safe while lower-income, mostly minority areas are seeing a tsunami in violent crime. The loss of human life under bail “reform” pushed by our left-leaning politicians isn’t just more common in black and Hispanic areas. It’s astronomically disproportionate. Nonviolent crimes like shoplifting, robbery and other forms of lawlessness are up in 72 of the city’s 77 NYPD precincts this year compared to the same period last year, but the crimes that people most fear — murders, shootings and felonious assault — have wrought havoc on the city’s minority neighborhoods. To see how uneven the killing ground is, as Casey Stengel liked to say, you can look it up. Although there have been 261 murders committed citywide up until Aug. 8 this year, 37 of 77 precincts saw two or fewer homicides. Fifteen recorded no murders at all. Meanwhile, The Bronx had 83 murders to date this year, or 32% of all city murders even though the borough has only 18% of its population. The brunt of the violence didn’t happen in the borough’s fancy Riverdale section, but in largely minority enclaves such as the 44th Precinct, which includes the Grand Concourse and Yankee Stadium. Sixteen murders to date, versus 12 last year, make it the borough’s deadliest precinct. Bloodier still, in terms of shootings, was Brooklyn’s 75th, which covers East New York and Cypress Hills. In a neighborhood more than 90% black and Hispanic, 56 people have been shot this year and 11 killed. The adjacent 73rd, gang-ridden Ocean Hill-Brownsville, had 12 slayings. The two precincts’ combined 23 homicides comprised nearly half the total 49 killings in all of Manhattan’s 23 precincts. In the Upper West Side’s 20th Precinct, there have been zero murders to date, the same as in 2021, and no recorded shootings compared to one in 2021. Manhattan’s 19th Precinct on the Upper East Side had just two murders so far this year. Both involved domestic disputes. There were only three shooting incidents versus two last year. The prosperous West Village, the 6th Precinct, saw two only murders.

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