Democrat Senator Called For Social Media Censorship to Prevent Bank Runs

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TGP reported on Sunday that a Democrat Senator called for social media censorship to prevent bank runs.

During the call on Sunday afternoon Rep. Massie reported that one Democrat Senator asked if there was a program in place to censor free speech at this time on social media.

The first thought of the Democrat Party is to strip Americans of their right to free speech and the free flow of information.

According to journalist Michael Shellenberger, Democrat Senator Mark Kelly (AZ) asked for Americans to be censored on social media.

“During a conference call about the Silicon Valley Bank bailout yesterday, Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ) asked representatives from the Federal Reserve, Treasury Department, and the Federal Deposit and Insurance Corporation (FDIC) if they had a way to censor information on social media to prevent a run on the banks, according to Republican members of the House of Representatives who were on the call.” Shellenberger wrote on Substack.