Indian-born Democratic Rep. Pramila Jayapal says the U.S. economy needs millions of wage-cutting visa workers for good jobs sought by many Americans and immigrants.

The editors of the New York Review of Books published Jayapal’s corporatist demand for more visa workers on December 3 under the headline: “A New Moral Imagination on Immigration.” She wrote:

The number of visas for nonagricultural workers (such as construction workers, housekeepers, or forest workers) is stuck at the 1990 level of 66,000 visas—even though our economy requires millions.

In reality, the resident population of blue-collar and white-collar visa-workers – H2Bs, H-2As, H-1Bs, L-1s, OPTs, etc. — routinely exceeds two million.

Jayapal also urged that immigration policies should meet the needs of employers, not employees, writing that “our immigration system should be updated regularly to prioritize certain industries that are seeing rapid growth and need workers.”

Jayapal’s demand for more government-controlled foreign labor spotlights the growing corporatist alliance between elite progressives, establishment Democrats, CEOs, and Wall Street investors — and it helps to explain why ordinary Americans favored pro-American Donald Trump for the White House.

The Washington State representative’s plan to grow the economy with government-supplied labor mimics the elite-controlled 3,500-year-old caste system in her Indian homeland. Instead of recreating India’s caste system, however, the D.C. elite would provide lower-status visa workers and immigrants to elite investors who could then avoid paying higher wages to ordinary Americans. Jayapal’s plan would also prevent blue-collar Americans and legal immigrants from using labor shortages to raise their social status or to gain better working conditions or productivity-boosting machinery. She wrote:

… this is a roadmap forward: nimble [immigration] laws with strong worker protections would encourage more migrant workers to stay in the [foreign] homes they love while supplying our economic needs with their temporary labor.

In Jayapal’s diverse homeland, manual laborers are deemed “Shudras” or “untouchables” whose social status is kept below the inherited classes of priestly “Brahmins,” warrior and ruler “Kshatriyas” and merchant “Vaishyas.”

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