Democrat Congressman Schiff Greets Ukraine’s Nazi Azov Soldiers In US Capitol

An image posted to Twitter on Monday shows men who allegedly serve in the Ukrainian military’s openly neo-Nazi Azov Battalion meeting Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff on the floor of the U.S. Capitol.

The viral photo shows Schiff approaching a couple of Azov soldiers wearing black suits and some Ukrainian military women visiting the Capitol Monday.

Posted by Daria Kaleniuk, the assistant director of a Ukrainian activist group called Anti-Corruption Action Centre, the caption of the picture reads, “The most emotional moment was when we suddenly met released Azov soldiers right inside the main hall on the Capitol Hill.”

Kaleniuk was visiting the Capitol with a delegation of female Ukrainian soldiers sent to beg U.S. politicians for additional high-tech weaponry to be provided by America.

One Twitter user commented on the photo of the Azov fighters greeting Schiff, writing, “MAGA Americans were accused of being Nazis and were shot and killed in Capitol Hill. Meanwhile literal Nazis are being emotionally welcomed in Capitol Hill. Makes sense.”


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