Democrat Congressional Candidate Urges Twitter Followers to ‘Report’ Trump Supporters

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Nate McMurray, the Democrat candidate for New York’s 27thCongressional District, urged Twitter followers Wednesday to “report” Trump supporters.

“When you see fake videos, when you see racism, when you hear support for Trump, do not roll your eyes, do not play nice, do not worry about hurting someone’s feelings, CALL IT OUT — REPORT IT — FIGHT IT,” he wrote.


McMurray appeared to have amended the “REPORT IT – FIGHT IT” command with “TALK TO THEM – DO NOT GO WITH THE FLOW” in another tweet on Friday.

Also on Friday, McMurray described himself as a progressive, which to him meant “what we did before isn’t good enough.”

“America is a work in progress. We must do better tomorrow than we did today. I don’t want to make America ‘great again,’ that’s regressive. Forward. Better. Inch by inch, upon the sacrifices of each generation,” he tweeted.

Later, McMurray took a veiled swipe at President Trump and also told Twitter followers to report so-called racist content on social media.

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