Dem Rod Blagojevich’s first-hand advice on cheating: ‘I know how they operate. The evidence will be there.’

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Former Illinois Democrat Gov. Rod Blagojevich gained a lot of knowledge about how the big city Democrat political machines rule the roost at election time.

“Blago” insists that President Trump has a constitutional obligation to challenge the 2020 election results based on “overwhelming” allegations of statistical irregularities in the ballot counting, and he will ultimately win at the Supreme Court. In gathering evidence of vote fraud, Trump’s legal team should concentrate on putting forth their allegations in court documents rather than allow the Biden-promoting, corporate media to preemptively discredit them, he added.

In a recent interview on Newsmax, Blagojevich was reacting, in part, to what he described as the understandable disappointment expressed by Rush Limbaugh and others that the November 19th press conference by Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and others didn’t deliver.

“President Trump has a constitutional duty to make sure there is election integrity in our voting systems. And the evidence is overwhelming. I should say, the allegations of the wrongdoing is overwhelming,” Blago declared.

“In places like Pennsylvania, in Michigan, in the big cities where Democrats control everything. Having been a Democratic governor and congressman from Chicago, I know how they operate. The evidence will be there. They’re going to find it, because of the statistical anomalies in the case as well as the unlikelihood, the improbability, that you can be ahead by 800,000 votes in Pennsylvania, or a little less than that, with 63 percent of the vote in, and then somehow you lose? Those things are all valid allegations that are being put out there….

“There will be hurdles the Trump campaign will have to overcome. He’s inevitably, and not expectedly, gonna lose at the local levels in those states where Democrats control everything, when you have Obama-appointed judges. The path for President Trump is that he has to navigate through those thickets and get his case before the United States Supreme Court. That’s where he will prevail on the constitutional issues, equal protection, and due process.”

Blagojevich went on to say that based on the experience of his own legal drama, which involved several appeals, “judges frown upon cases being argued in the court of public opinion.”

“It would be wrong I think for them to be fighting this case exclusively in the court of public opinion. And you have to be very sensitive to the courts and respectful to the court process…If they show their cards too soon, the corporate media that’s in a conspiracy to destroy President. Trump and destroy his presidency. They’re trying to ratify what is in my belief, a corrupt election. They’re going to be all over the place trying to take away the arguments that Trump’s people have… So it would be imprudent, I think, for the Trump legal team to do too much of this publicly.”

The ex-governor was impeached and removed from office in 2009 for allegedly trying to sell Barack Obama’s U.S. Senate seat that became open when fellow Chicago resident Obama was elected president. After a trial and conviction on charges relating to public corruption, Blago served eight years in federal prison. President Trump commuted his sentence in early 2020.

Blagojevich was joined on the Newsmax interview by civil rights lawyer Leo Terrell, the former outspoken liberal who, as Leo 2.0, now describes himself as the biggest Trump supporter “on the planet.” He and Blago agreed that the endgame for President Trump is to get the election lawsuits before the Supreme Court, and there is sufficient time to do so. “You do not litigate a case of national public importance in the court of public opinion,” Terrell insisted, while acknowledging that the Giuliani press conference failed to move the needle.

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