Dem Mayor of El Paso Oscar Leeser sends twice as many migrants to NYC as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott  

NY Post

A Democratic mayor in Texas has bused more than twice as many migrants to the Big Apple as the state’s Republican governor — without a peep of outrage from Mayor Eric Adams. El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser’s relocation program has sent 7,330 migrants to New York City since August 23, a spokesperson said Thursday. That figure, current as of Wednesday, compares to 2,700 migrants Gov. Greg Abbott’s office said they’d bussed by September 23 — which they confirmed had grown to “over 3,000,” by Thursday — sent from the southern border region to protest what Abbott calls President Biden’s “irresponsible open-border policies.” The migrants from El Paso account for more than 42% of the estimated 17,400 that have flooded into the city since officials became aware of the influx in May. City officials expected nine buses to bring a total of about 500 additional migrants on Thursday but it’s unclear who chartered them, sources familiar with the matter told The Post.

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