Delingpole: First They Came for Katie Hopkins…

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What would Katie Hopkins have tweeted about the latest terror attack on the London streets by a committed jihadist freshly released from prison? Hard to be sure, but we can guess it would have been pretty pungent and that it would have struck a chord with a lot of ordinary, sensible folk. Maybe she would have focused on the absurdity of the attempted killer’s sentence: just 14 months served by a committed Islamist who’d been caught with bomb making equipment, hundreds of computer downloads on stuff like how to kill people, and was so radical that he’d urged his girlfriend to behead her parents because they were kuffar (ie unbelievers). Maybe she would have highlighted the utter ineptitude of the English justice system which still seems to be more interested in protecting the human rights of savage and incorrigible terrorist killers than it is in protecting people who’d prefer to push their kids in pushchairs or ride on bicycles without being knifed by convicted terrorists fresh out of jail. Maybe she would have drawn attention to the large numbers of similarly radicalised, intransigent, Islamist terrorists about to be released onto the streets. One thing we do know: her comment would have been angry, darkly funny, punchy, likely a bit tasteless, a bit ‘Did she really say that?’. But also very apt.


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