DEFIANT NJ gym owners POUND on Chris Cuomo: ‘That’s a f***ing stat nobody’s talking about’

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Far-left CNN host Chris Cuomo, a man known for shouting down his guests, was far more docile Wednesday while speaking with two gym owners recently thrust into the spotlight. But they tested his patience and things got tense.

Frank Trumbetti and Ian Smith, the owners of Atilis Gym, have faced nonstop government harassment over their to decision to reopen despite New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s draconian decree that gyms remain closed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Note that the two initially shut down their gym for two months. But after Murphy chose to be one of a handful of extremely stubborn governors — including North Carolina’s Roy Cooper — to keep gyms closed in perpetuity, the two decided they’d had enough.

Speaking with Cuomo late Wednesday on CNN, the two explain why in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS

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