Deepfake AI-generated people will sow chaos by 2024 as they would be impossible to detect, warns ex-White House chief

DEEPFAKE AI-generated people will be among us by 2024 and will be nearly impossible to detect, a former White House official has warned.

Pictures created by artificial intelligence, increasingly smart chatbots and sophisticated deepfake videos are already becoming hard to discern from reality.

The technology is only going to become more advanced – with rapid developments already smoothing out the edges and finessing the programmes.

Red flags are already being raised – as some imagery created by AI can already be almost indistinguishable from the real thing apart from a few telltale inconsistencies.

The pictures at the top of this article are near perfect recreations of people’s faces, created using the AI driven system Generated.Photos.

These “people” have never been born – they are simply bundles of code with the illusion of personality, with varying ages, genders, facial shapes and ethnicities.

The photos are already photorealistic – complete with the imperfections that bring faces to life, far beyond what would see in video games like The Sims.


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