DEAD WITHIN DAYS – Woman, 39, found dead in her kitchen while awaiting coronavirus test results

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The U.S. Sun:

A 39-YEAR-OLD medical clinic worker has died from the coronavirus before receiving her test results and after being told she was ‘low-risk’.

Natasha Ott told her partner she felt the beginnings of a cold coming on. Less than two weeks later she was found dead in her kitchen.

The medical clinic worker who worked at Crescent Care – an organization dedicated to providing treatment to people who are HIV positive – didn’t take a test for the new strain of coronavirus after she was told she was low-risk.

But when her symptoms persisted and she developed a slight fever, she took the test the following week.

The day before she was found dead, she told her partner Josh Anderson she felt “something in her lungs”.

On Friday March 20, Anderson found her dead in the kitchen.

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