Day at the beach: Biden hits shore as US admits Afghan kid kills, FDA spikes boosters, France bids adieu

President Biden left the White House before noon Friday for a long weekend at his beach house and kept out of sight as the FDA rejected his push for COVID-19 vaccine “booster” shots, the Pentagon admitted it killed Afghan civilians and France recalled its ambassador.

Biden didn’t speak with reporters about the trio of political debacles during the less than two-hour trip to his Rehoboth Beach, Del., mansion — or after he arrived.

In a forever stain on Biden’s chaotic Afghanistan pullout, the Pentagon admitted it mistakenly killed 10 innocent civilians including a US aid contractor and seven children on Aug. 29, one day before the final evacuation flights from Kabul — and not Islamic State terrorists, as originally claimed.

At about the same time, an influential Food and Drug Administration panel voted 16-2 to reject a request for approval of “booster” shots of Pfizer’s two-dose COVID-19 vaccine, upending months of Biden administration planning.

The FDA panel did approve a third shot for senior citizens, after last month giving the green-light for people with compromised immune systems. But the mixed verdict complicates administration messaging after Biden mandated that federal workers and employees of businesses with 100 people submit to vaccination or lose their jobs.

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