David Mamet defends friends Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy


Celebrated playwright David Mamet is defending his longtime friends Felicity Huffman and her husband, William H. Macy, who were swept up in a vast college admissions bribery scheme.

The Oscar-nominated writer of flicks like “Glengarry Glenn Ross” and “Wag the Dog” wrote an open letter in which he blasted the “elite universities” — calling their admissions policies “an unfortunate and corrupt joke.”

“Harvard was once sued for restricting the admission of qualified Jews; a contest currently being waged by Asians,” the 71-year-old Pulitzer Prize winner wrote.

“The unqualified may be accepted for many reasons, among them, as Legacies, and on account of large donations made by their parents. I do not see the difference between getting a kid into school by bribing the Building Committee, and by bribing someone else. But, apparently, the second is against the Law. So be it.”

Mamet said he’s known “Shameless” actor Macy for almost 50 years.

“We started two theatre companies together, one of which, THE ATLANTIC is still in operation in New York, after 35 years,” he wrote.

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