David Hogg: Putting More Cops in Schools May Endanger Non-White Students


While speaking at the June 11 March for Our Lives rally, gun control proponent David Hogg suggested that putting more cops in schools may actually endanger students do not have white skin.

Hogg suggested that a common response to school shootings is to put more police in schools.

He then claimed, “Putting more cops in schools hasn’t worked.” He cited two examples to bolster his viewpoint: First he pointed to the armed officer who stood outside Parkland instead of entering, even as the attack was carried out. Then he made claims about the police response to Uvalde.

Hogg did not mention the numerous times armed resource officers have saved lives on campus.

For example, on December 13, 2013, an 18-year-old with a shotgun entered Denver-area Arapahoe High School and had to face the fact that an armed resource officer was coming for him. The Denver Post noted that the resource officer was a deputy sheriff who, hearing a gunshot, ran toward the gunman. As the resource officer closed in, the attacker took his own life, ending the attack.


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