Danish Volunteer Soldier Alleges Ukrainians Have Executed Russian Prisoners  

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A Danish soldier who volunteered to fight alongside the Ukrainian armed forces has made unverified claims that Ukrainian soldiers have been executing Russian prisoners of war. The Dane, who uses the pseudonym Jonas, has alleged that Ukrainian soldiers have killed Russian prisoners of war during the war, saying: “I have heard of one successful prisoner exchange, and that’s it,” and adding: “People are being killed.” Said to be a marksman, Jonas travelled to Ukraine to volunteer to fight alongside the Ukrainian armed forces and told state-owned Danish broadcaster TV2 he has also killed Russian soldiers — but never any captured prisoners. He told the broadcaster of an 18-year-old Russian prisoner of war who told him he had worked as a compute programmer in Russia prior to the war and did not want to be in Ukraine. According to Jonas, the teen was buried the next day after being killed. TV2 admitted that they had no way to confirm whether or not the Danish volunteer’s claims were accurate but still cited prior claims of similar behaviour by the Ukrainian armed forces.

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