‘DANGEROUS PREDATOR’ Pedo called Mr Rape Torture Kill is FREED – despite vowing to reoffend and attack more kids

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The Sun:

A PEDO who calls himself Mr Rape, Torture, Kill has been released from a mental health hospital after more than two decades, despite vowing to re-offend.

Officials in Orange County are warning residents around the release of “dangerous sex offender” Cary Smith, 59, an admitted pedophile, whose been incarcerated since 1999.

Smith, a former Costa Mesa resident, was held under the state’s Welfare and Institutions Code after a series of civil trials.

The trial’s determined that he “demonstrated danger of inflicting substantial physical harm” to children, according to a press release from officials.

The 59-year-old was admitted to Patton State Hospital in San Bernardino back in 1999, after his then-wife gave authorities a letter Smith wrote about his urge to kidnap and molest a seven-year-old boy in his Costa Mesa neighborhood.

Smith’s location as of Wednesday was not immediately clear to officials.

Costa Mesa had been Smith’s last city of residence before his incarceration, although Costa Mesa police said in a statement that he no longer has ties with the city and is not currently located there.

Now, County District Attorney Todd Spitzer and Board of Supervisors Chairwoman, Michelle Steel are urging Gov Gavin Newsom to intervene in the release of Smith.

They’re also asking the governor reinstate the requirement that Smith register as a sex offender.

Every six months, Smith gets a new trail to prove that he no longer poses a danger to society.

Although, Psychologists have testified over the years he poses an imminent danger to society.

Officials say he has repeatedly testified that he fantasizes about raping and killing young boys and claims he had killed three boys and molested another 200.

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