Dad dresses as Julius Caesar at school board meeting to protest teacher’s gender-fluid attire

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A Concord, New Hampshire, father who was banned from occupying an elementary school’s property dressed up as Julius Caesar at a school board meeting on Monday to drive his claims that a public school district is “facilitating gender confusion.”

“I am Caesar. Julius Caesar of Rome, the emperor. I am also a female,” Michael Guglielmo said. “Does anybody here believe that? That I am Julius Caesar? Anybody believe that? No, of course not. It’s ridiculous.”

Guglielmo called for the suspension of both Concord School District Superintendent Kathleen Murphy and Christa McAuliffe Elementary School Principal Kristen Gallo for “facilitating gender confusion” by allowing an art teacher who identifies with the LGBTQ community to continue teaching in the elementary school.

Guglielmo has been outspoken about the art teacher, Silas Allard, who identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, for his decision to wear traditionally female clothing during the school day.

He has also criticized Allard’s previous social media posts, arguing they are inappropriate for children. 

Guglielmo was banned from visiting McCauliffe Elementary last month due to an interaction between himself and Allard.