Pictured – Flying glass fragments as bike hits window.

The New York Post:

What a mask-kicking.

A Canadian driver’s anti-mask tirade — complete with megaphone — was unceremoniously cut short after an angry bystander shattered his window with a bicycle in a wild video.

“When people start smashing your car windows for saying a few words,” wrote Alexander Lasarev above the Facebook clip, which he recorded at a protest in Vancouver.

“Around 3:30 p.m. on March 27 a convoy of vehicles was taking part in an anti-mask rally on Main Street,” Vancouver Police Constable Tania Visintin wrote in an email, according to the Victoria News. “A passenger in one of the vehicles was talking into a bullhorn and pointing it out the window. Witnesses to the incident detained the cyclist until Vancouver police arrived and took custody of him.”

The inflammatory footage starts off with the man in the car railing against sheep who follow COVID-19 quarantine rules and mask mandates through a megaphone held out the rolled-down window.

“You’ve never been lied to about anything — the government loves you,” snarks Lasarev on camera, before mockingly commending onlookers for “complying” with lockdown policy. “Congratulations for following the narrative, and trusting the news, and not questioning anything,”

He continues, “There’s definitely not a psychological operation happening when you’re convinced of a reality that’s based on fear that has nothing to do with what’s actually happening.”

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