Cutting salt intake by just one gram per day could save four million lives in China, experts flag

A new study has revealed that reducing salt intake by just 1g a day could prevent over nine million heart attacks and strokes in China – the country with the highest salt intake in the world. Researchers say it can also prevent over four million deaths in the country and could do all of this in eight years.

“The key takeaway here is that cutting back on salt, even by a very modest amount, can bring enormous health benefits,” Dr. Monique Tan, a researcher at Action on Salt and co-author of the study tells NutritionInsight. “This is true for China but also for any other country, as salt intake in all countries is well above the maximum recommended intake limit of no more than 5 g per day.”

“In terms of lowering salt in manufactured foods, what would be needed is for the government to set salt targets for the industry to comply with,” concludes Tan. “Interventions would now need to be integrated in a governmental program if we want salt reduction to be effective nationwide and also sustained over time.”


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