CUOMO’S SHUTDOWN MOTIVATIONS – ‘Cuomo may be doing that for political reasons’

Washington Times:

President Trump accused Gov. Andrew Cuomo of playing politics Monday after the New York Democrat threatened to put a pause on reopening from closures caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to radio host Michael Savage, Mr. Trump claimed that Mr. Cuomo would want to roll back plans to reopen parts of the state to hurt the president’s reelection campaign.

“He’d like to see that for November. Because if you can do that ‘til November, the economy won’t advance as much as I say it should advance,” Mr. Trump said on “The Savage Nation” radio show.

“Somebody like Cuomo may be doing that for political reasons because the comeback would not be as great,” Mr. Trump continued. “But it’s going to be a great comeback regardless.”

Mr. Trump made the remark after Mr. Cuomo threatened to reimpose coronavirus restrictions in parts of the state unless businesses and residents follow steps to prevent another wave of cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus.

“There is a very real possibility that we would roll back the reopening in those areas,” Mr. Cuomo said on Sunday.

The governor’s office did not immediately return a message seeking Mr. Cuomo’s reaction to the president’s remarks.

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