Cuomo is condemned for commuting sentences of FIVE murderers including father of radical leftwing San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin who killed three in 1981 Brinks cash truck robbery

Cuomo announced the commutations on Monday evening, hours before his departure from the Albany state house

Cuomo said of his decision: ‘These individuals have shown remorse, rehabilitation and commitment to their communities.’

DA Boudin’s father David Gilbert, 76, is still imprisoned. He’s served 40 years of his 75 years sentence after he was involved in a robbery that left three killed

Although Cuomo said he’d ‘commuted’ Boudin’s sentence, he added that he was referring it to the parole board for ‘future release’

Cuomo also pardoned Lawrence Penn, a 51 year-old fraudster who stole $9.3millions from investors to spend on luxury cards, credit card debt and rent

He handed out four other commutations to men convicted of murders

The sudden announcement comes just hours before Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul is scheduled to be sworn in on Tuesday

Outgoing NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has been blasted by victims’ groups for commuting the murder sentence of San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s dad over an armored car robbery that killed three. Cuomo announced Monday evening that he was commuting the prison sentences of David Gilbert, 76, Greg Mingo, 68, Robert Ehrenberg, 62, Ulysses Boyd, 66, and Paul Clark, 59. All five have murder convictions, with Gilbert – Boudin’s father – the only killer still incarcerated with no possibility of parole over a deadly 1981 hold-up of a Brinks cash truck, that left a security guard and two cops dead. He served as a getaway driver for the crime, with Cuomo saying Monday his crime ‘related to an incident in which he was the driver, not the killer.’ Gilbert was convicted of three counts of second-degree murder in 1983 over the killings, with Cuomo’s commutation meaning his 75 year minimum sentence has been lowered to 40 years time served. Although Cuomo said he had commuted Boudin’s sentence, he added that the case had been referred to the parole board, for ‘potential release,’ meaning he will not be freed immediately. Cuomo ordered the release of the other four men whose sentences he also commuted. Boudin shared his joy on Twitter upon learning about his father’s commutation, writing: ‘My heart is bursting. On the eve of my first child’s birth, my dad – who’s been in prison nearly my entire life – was granted clemency. He never intended harm, yet his crime devastated many families,’ he added.

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