Cuomo and de Blasio’s deadly failure on the COVID-19 vaccine: Goodwin

The New York Post:

In the beginning, the fall-back position for New York politicians was as predictable as it was successful. As the coronavirus ripped through the city and state and fear spread like wildfire, all they had to do was blame President Trump and they were heroes.

Trump didn’t provide enough safety gear or ventilators or help with hospital beds, Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio insisted. Soon the federal government sent planeloads of equipment and invoked the Defense Production Act to build tens of thousands of ventilators. It sent a naval hospital ship and built a new hospital inside the cavernous Javits Center.

Many of the ventilators, the ship and Javits went unused, yet still the bodies piled up in nursing homes and other places as New York became America’s epicenter of death.

Soon a vaccine was seen as the only answer, and presto, in record time, the Trump Vaccine made its way to New York hospitals. And there much of it sits and sits, waiting to be put to life-saving use.

“Vaccine Rollout is Sluggish,” declared a New York Times headline Tuesday in what amounts to a scandalous understatement.

Yet the gentleness of the rebuke offers a clue about who is to blame. If it were Trump’s fault, the Gray Lady would have screamed bloody murder and called for his head.

But since the article implicitly points the finger at the leftist paper’s fellow travelers in Albany and City Hall, “sluggish” is vague enough that no allies get burned.

Others, thankfully, are not so obtuse. Republican Assemblyman Michael Lawler of Rockland County put it this way on Twitter: “It’s very simple: @NYGovCuomo asked for and was given complete control of the pandemic response back in March of last year. He therefore is completely responsible for the consequences of his decisions: nursing home deaths and the failed vaccine distribution.”

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