CUNY, Yale, Evergreen and U of Minn. Awarded Up to $300K to Combat Antisemitism

AEN Launches New Nationwide Antisemitism Education Initiative

To address rising antisemitism across the U.S., the Academic Engagement Network (AEN) today announced it has awarded antisemitism education grants to four campuses – City University of New York, Evergreen State College, the University of Minnesota, and Yale University. This innovative approach aims to go to the heart of the problem by educating our nation’s next generation of leaders about the multifaceted nature of contemporary antisemitism, while also fostering a more positive campus climate for the current Jewish community. The Antisemitism Education Initiative grants, a maximum of $25,000 per year renewable for up to three years, will support a range of new programs and resources designed to create sustainable mechanisms to educate and train campus stakeholders – including administrators, faculty, and students – about the diversity of Jewish experience, historic and contemporary manifestations of antisemitism, and strategies to improve inclusivity. Designed to be tailored to the specific culture and needs of each of the campuses, programmatic components of the initiatives include the establishment of campus-wide symposia on antisemitism, the advancement of professional development opportunities for administrators, the creation of academic coursework on antisemitism and Israel, and the development of faculty-administrator alliances. Grant recipients will also build institutional infrastructures that can be quickly and effectively activated in response to antisemitic incidents on campus, enabling faculty, staff, and administrators to form a united front to counter these challenges. Utilizing the UC Berkeley Antisemitism Education Initiative – which has been funded by AEN since 2020 and is now expanding to a California statewide initiative – as a test model, the new initiatives are intended to serve as local and regional hubs for the dissemination of knowledge and best practices for addressing Jewish inclusion, anti-Israel activism, and antisemitism on campus and in the academy.all students.”

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