Cuban, Haitian Migrants Continue Record-Setting Landings on Florida Coast

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Miami Sector Border Patrol agents and Coast Guard crews continue to interdict migrants who are part of the record-setting surge along the Florida coast. Miami Sector agents apprehended more migrants in the first four months of FY23 than they did during the entire previous year.

Miami Sector Chief Patrol Agent Walter Slosar tweeted images of a group of migrants apprehended at the Dry Tortugas National Park. Slosar reported the 22 Cuban migrants arrived on the Florida beach after crossing the Florida Straights in a “rustic vessel.”

The group consisted of 19 adult males and 3 adult females, Slosar reported.

The migrants add to the number of apprehensions that, during the first four months of FY23, exceeded that of the entire FY22, Breitbart Texas reported. The fiscal year began on October 1. During  October, November, December, and January, Miami Sector agents apprehended 4,681 migrants, according to the CBP Nationwide Encounters report.