Cuba Violently Shuts Down ‘Illegal’ Gay Pride Parade


Cuba’s communist regime sent police to beat and violently haul away some of the estimated 300 people congregating in Havana Saturday for an “illegal” gay pride march, organized after the regime canceled the annual Castro-led “conga against homophobia.”Mariela Castro, the head of the Cuban National Center for Sex Education (Cenesex) that organizes the annual conga, disparaged the privately organized peaceful march this weekend as a “show” somehow orchestrated by anti-communists in Havana. While the Castro regime has brutally repressed LGBT people, placing them in labor camps along with Christians and other “counterrevolutionaries” in the 1960s, dictator Raúl Castro has allowed daughter Mariela to claim leadership of the government’s nonexistent gay rights agenda as a pet project. Cuba’s political police arrested at least eight people – one of which was merely suspected of walking over to join the protest – and beat and hauled away some of the more defiant people in the crowd. Among those arrested were Ariel Ruiz Urquiola, an environmental scientist who went on hunger strike last year after being arrested for revealing Castro regime damage to the local ecosystem, and Daniel Llorente, the activist arrested for being wrongly presumed to be on his way to the march because he was clad in his signature American flag.