Creator of 1619 Project Mocks NYC Mother’s Worries After Disturbing Subway Ride

The founder of the 1619 Project set her sights on a Brooklyn mother who voiced concern after a worrisome subway ride in the Democrat-run city.

Education activist Yiatin Chu became the target of non-historian Nikole Hannah-Jones’ mockery once she relayed in a social media post her commute experience, the New York Post reported Saturday.

“Paid $2.75 to be in a subway car with a loud and aggressive man threatening to hit his female partner. Switched cars at next stop to be in a public toilet / urine-odor, crowded car for the rest of my ride. This is @KathyHochul and @NYCMayor’s NYC,” Chu wrote, adding later the two Democrat leaders “own it” and “said so themselves.”

In response, Hannah-Jones retweeted Chu’s post and wrote, “Yes, yes. This was absolutely unheard on subways until two years ago.”

However, Chu replied by explaining, “I’ve been taking the subways since the 1980s. It’s not new but it is more widespread and not getting better.”

“Our electeds said they would address it but we haven’t seen improvements. Why should we accept these conditions for our commute,” she noted:

Some users appeared to follow Hannah-Jones’ lead in targeting Chu but others agreed with the concerned mother.

“The subways, like everything else in this city has been on the decline for some time now. Since Jan 1, 2014 the day Bill DeBlasio took office. Like an avalanche it’s picking up steam. NYers have every right to expect a safe city. Which will never happen with Left/Progressives,” one user commented.


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