Covington high school students cleared of any wrongdoing in viral incident after independent investigation


The students from Covington Catholic High School were cleared of any wrongdoing after an independent investigation funded by the diocese found they were not the instigators of the viral incident with a Native American man at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., last month.

The inquiry, conducted by Greater Cincinnati Investigation Inc., found that the accounts of Nick Sandmann, his classmates and the chaperones on their trip to the nation’s capital were consistent with videos that circulated online showing that it was they who were harassed by a group of so-called Black Hebrew Israelites.

“Some of the students asked the chaperones if they could do their school cheers to help drown out the Black Hebrew Israelites,” said the final investigative report, which was obtained by Fox News. “After the interaction with the Black Hebrew Israelites, Mr. [Nathan] Phillips approached the students.”

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