COVID anti-masker gasps for breath as he issues plea from hospital bed

New York Post:

An anti-masker who believed the COVID-19 crisis was just a “political” stunt issued an emotional plea to skeptics from his hospital bed — after becoming seriously ill with the virus.

In a Facebook video shared by a pal on Monday, Chuck Stacey gasps for breath as he admits he was wrong about the pandemic that’s killed 1.8 million globally.

“I didn’t wear a mask. I should’ve. I didn’t,” Stacey says with oxygen tubes in his nose. “I believed this was just the flu, that it was all going to go away, that it was political. I didn’t think a mask would help.”

He struggles as he continues, “You don’t want to end up like me. I’m having trouble breathing. I may have to be intubated if I get any worse.”

Stacey’s eyes well up as he begs skeptics to change their minds and protect themselves — and their families.

“If wearing a mask can reduce your chances of getting this even by 5 percent, just wear a mask,” he says. “Do it for your children, your loved ones. Do it for yourself.”

In May, Stacey blasted employees at his local Donut Hole for wearing face masks.

“I have to say I have had it with the masks that the employees are being forced to wear,” he wrote on Facebook. “It’s just another example of the continued over reaction to this situation … Please stop so when we come to eat we can enjoy our meal without feeling sorry for the employees.”

Stacey told Storyful that he had opted to wear a face shield because he suffers from claustrophobia.

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