Counterfeit Money Is The Motive Behind Gangland’s George Floyd Arson And Looting Riots

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Yoichi Shimatsu –

Friends of the rioters and su[porters of gangsters are now threatening the Cup Foods store, whose owner is an Arab American, Apparently brown skin isn’t enough if you run an honest business serving a poor community, and he was expected to subsidize George Floyd’s cigarette habit. Many of the new liberal friends of George are the same people who are offended by smokers inside bars or on the sidewalk, hypocritically defending a smoker’s right to defraud a local small business with a counterfeit 20-dollar bill. Most people have never had to deal with gangs, the way I did in placing immigrant teens saved from gang leaders and released out of New York City’s juvenile detention center, thanks to the police officers and the warden’s program who tried to save them from damnation. Of course the Chinatown gangs wanted the youths back to gun down their rival criminal bosses, but my program would not allow those teenagers to drift back to criminal activity and spend the rest of their lives in prison. Glorifying street violence and looting today are beyond ridiculous, it’s nothing less than advocacy of crimes against society and encouragement of a warped mind-set among the younger generation glorifying anti-social violence. Even more hypocritical are the feminist protesters who make a lot of noise about women’s sexual rights. It so happens that George Floyd was a performer in the black porn industry in his home state of Texas violating African American women. Where is all the outrage that was directed at Harvey Weinstein or Jeffrey Epstein who at least paid the female talent a high-end salary, up in the 90 percentile bracket? Before going to burn down a mom-and-pop shop, do your research, you irresponsible fools.