Cory Booker Introduces Bill to Create ‘DemocracyCorps’ to Assist with Elections

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Former Democrat presidential hopeful Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) is set to introduce a bill on Thursday that would create a new federal organization to assist with elections.

According to released statements, the legislation would create a “DemocracyCorps” of people who would help individuals register to vote, serve as poll workers, and assist with voter education campaigns.

Booker said in a statement:

The right to vote is sacred and we should make exercising that fundamental right as easy as possible.  Unfortunately, the global pandemic has placed that right in peril, and unless decisive measures are taken to provide safe voting options, many Americans may face a terrible choice this fall between protecting their health and participating in our democracy.

My bill would help solve this problem. DemocracyCorps aims to cultivate and inspire a new generation of young people to strengthen our democracy by helping Americans safely exercise the franchise, just as the Freedom Summer volunteers before them.