Coronavirus may have spread to humans by dogs not bats, bombshell new research claims

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A team of scientists at the University of Ottawa in Canada have claimed that stray dogs in China may have become infected after eating bat meat before then transmitting the virus to humans

Man’s best friend could be responsible for the deadliest pandemic in decades, scientists have claimed in a bombshell study. New research from Canada suggests that stray dogs in China transmitted coronavirus to humans after eating discarded bat meat. Experts have been scrambling to find the “intermediary animal” which passed the Covid-19 disease to humans since the start of the outbreak in December. Now a team from the University of Ottawa claim stray dogs may have caused the virus to leap to humans. Almost two million patients have now been infected worldwide, while more than 125,000 have died. Lead author of the study Professor Xuhua Xia suggests that “the coronavirus first spread from bats to stray dogs eating bat meat”.