Coronavirus Death Toll Hits 25 As Beijing Confirms 830 Patients Infected

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8 Chinese cities, more than 23 million people, effectively under quarantine

Multiple cases across the world – from Scotland to Singapore and USA

830 Infected in mainland China according to Chinese officials (Mainland China: 830 Taiwan: 1 Macau: 2 Hong Kong: 2 Vietnam: 2 Thailand: 3 Singapore: 1 Japan: 1 South Korea: 1 US: 1).

25 Dead (following 1st death outside Wuhan)

WHO says “not the time to declare a global health emergency”

Patient in Texas recently traveled to Wuhan

WHO estimates coronavirus is about as contagious as the Spanish flu, more than twice as infectious as the common flu.

Update: As Friday begins in Beijing, Chinese state media has announced that the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in mainland China has climbed to 830, while the number of deaths has climbed to 25 Meanwhile, more disturbing videos out of Wuhan are circulating online as reports about a growing number of sick health-care workers circulate in the Hong Kong press.