Corona Snitches: Police Create Web Portal to Inform on Neighbours

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A local police force in the United Kingdom has established an online portal for members of the public to inform on people suspected of breaking national lockdown measures.

Humberside Police in northern England has built a website for citizens to inform on their neighbours for violating the government’s rules on daily exercise and social distancing.

The website was crafted after the police force was inundated with reports of alleged violations to their non-emergency phone line, according to ITV.

“Reports will be assessed based on the information provided and we would ask people to please consider the circumstance before making their report,” said Chris Philpott of the Humberside Police.

“However it may be some of the reports are referred on to our partner agencies, our Local Authorities [councils] for example, who could take further action to stop gatherings in certain places,” he added.

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