Cops Arrest Brooklyn Rabbi for Letting Kids—Ages 11, 8, and 2—Walk to the Store

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They even sent an ambulance, because it’s not like there’s anything else going on in New York.

A Brooklyn dad who let his kids walk a few blocks to the local store was arrested on Sunday morning and charged with endangering the life of a child. The charges against Noah Chakoff, a rabbi, were dropped about 12 hours later. But the ordeal began when New York City police stopped the kids—ages 11, 8, and a 2-year-old in a stroller—as they were simply heading to their local bodega (a small candy-and-everything-else store). “I can understand them stopping the children, just to ask a few questions,” Chakoff’s attorney, Jason Goldman, tells Reason. “But obviously I don’t agree with them charging the rabbi and keeping him for hours and hours while everything was going on with the pandemic.”