Convicted sex offender spews anti-Asian slurs during NYC Council meeting — and pols do nothing to stop him

A convicted sex offender was allowed to openly spew anti-Asian bigotry at a public City Council hearing this week without even the pols running the session stopping him or objecting.  

Douglas Powell, an ex-con affiliated with the lefty advocacy group Vocal-NY, spouted his racist hate Thursday while saying he supports a proposed city law that would bar landlords from conducting criminal background checks on prospective tenants.

Powell spoke after two Asian women and two white women testified against the legislation, citing public safety concerns for other tenants and small landlords.

“This is not about felonies — it’s about race, it’s about black people,” Powell responded during the hearing conducted by the Council Committee on Civil Rights, deriding the previous speakers’ testimony against the bill as “garbage.

“Did you see the Asian people just been talking?” he said.


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