Contaminated cash may spread coronavirus, World Health Organization warns

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has advised people to wash their hands and stop using cash if possible as the paper bills may help spread coronavirus. WHO told the Telegraph on Tuesday that customers who use cash bills should consider using contactless payments instead as coronavirus (Covid-19) may cling to the surface of paper bills for multiple days. In the Telegraph article, the Bank of England acknowledged that cash can carry bacteria or viruses and urges people to wash their hands regularly. Last month, both China and Korea began disinfecting and isolating used banknotes as part of their efforts to stop the spread of the virus. Officials used ultraviolet light or high temperatures to sterilize the bills, then sealed them for 14days, before releasing them back into circulation. It’s not known exactly how long the coronavirus can survive outside the human body but it’s believed they can survive on inanimate objects for up to nine days at room temperature. Money, similar to things like doorknobs, handrails, phones, and credit cards, can carry the bacteria or viruses. So, in the end, just wash your hands.


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