Conservative podcaster, best selling author and Trump-appointee Michael Savage fighting to stay on Presidio Trust Board

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Conservative talk show host turned podcaster Michael Savage is fighting to stay on the Presidio Trust board. As a top-rated nationally syndicated talk show host, Savage was an early and strong supporter of Donald Trump in the Republican primary and general election in 2016. Trump appeared on his show several times before and after the election. Savage met with Trump in the Oval Office, Airforce One, and at Trump’s Florida resort Mar-A-Lago.

Last year, Trump appointed Savage to the Presidio Trust board, which oversees the 1,191 acre park just south of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The Presidio is a former Army Base. Savage said he had secured $2.5 million in private funding for exhibits at the Presidio that would include among other topics, the role of religion in the armed forces. But, Savage said, instead of praise, he was fired.

The management at the Presidio did not want any of these exhibits. They did not want God in the military, and they want the Presidio offices club turned into their own offices,” Savage told his podcast listeners after being fired last month. “Let’s understand what’s behind this, that it has nothing to do with one man who you may or may not like. It has to do with a group of Machiavellian bureaucrats and functionaries who are trying to steal the Presidio officer’s club for their own use.

“And by the way,” Savaged continued, “at one of the board meetings, I suggested we renamed the Presidio Cemetery the Arlington of the West, went over like a lead balloon. The anti-military, anti-American individuals now running the Presidio did not even respond to my statement. Let us rename it the Arlington of the West, which would bring people from around the world. They whine, and they complain that there was no money that they need money, they need the government to bail them out.

And here I brought them money, and they threw me off the board. And here I told him, rename it, the Arlington of the West to attract more visitors, and they ignored it, because it came from me. Do you understand what’s going on?”

Savage noted that he was chosen by Trump because he spent decades in support of environmental and conservation projects. Savage has long championed animal rights and environmental causes but he has been sharply critical of former Vice President Al Gore and others for many of their theories of global warming and climate change.

Savage is fighting back and is being represented by renowned attorney David Horowitz. The attorney told NewsBreak, “it is an important legal issue because Presidents over many years have exceeded their lawful powers in firing people from independent boards and commissions. Donald Trump explored his power to fire Fed Chair Powell or at least demote him. President Roosevelt was stopped from firing a Hoover appointed FTC commissioner. See

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