Confirmed: Yes, Man Arrested at J6 Rally Was a Fed, Now We Know for Whom He Works

We reported on the “Justice for J6” Rally on Saturday but it seemed a festival of media and feds, declared and otherwise, not a lot of real rally goers. One picture got a lot of attention and was made fun of by many. If you didn’t get it from the same attire and the same sunglasses, the dress black socks probably would have given it away. Media was hot to push a story of violence but it was a snooze and basically a fed-a-palooza, trying to separate who was media from who was a fed. One of the funnier moments of the event was when the media trumpeted that one of the “rally goers” had been arrested with a gun. Except as we reported there was a small problem with this story: The man who was detained was caught on camera with the Capitol Police pulling a badge out of the guy’s pocket. Photojournalist Ford Fischer confirmed the man was law enforcement. Now the word is out where this guy was from. He is a 27 year old CBP officer from New Jersey. So yes, he was a federal agent. Fed on Fed arrest. He was allegedly detained for possessing a gun on the grounds of the Capitol but he was not prosecuted after they found out he was a police officer.


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