Compliance as a Virtue: Do Not Give Up Your Rights

Dr.  Savage:

I started looking into Compliance as a Virtue of the Left.  This jumped out, a Professor of Ethics banished, wrote in a speech (link below):

“The war we find ourselves in today is one of infiltration instead of invasion, intimidation instead of free choice, of psychological forces so insidious we come to believe the ideas are our own and that we are doing our part by giving up our rights……”

“It’s my observation that we are facing a pandemic not just of a virus but a pandemic of compliance and complacency, in a culture of silence, censorship, and institutionalized bullying.”

Whether it’s compliance to State Fostered Street Violence, or Compliance through Silence (censorship), it seems their only goal.  We are all the battered wife, Mentally abused, threatened daily under the roof of this Obamunism/Communism furthered by Biden (F’ing cancer it is).

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