Communist Cuba: Structures Collapsing In Havana At Alarming Rate


Buildings in Havana are collapsing at an alarming rate, exacerbating a severe housing shortage and many residents fear that the structures that they live in will fall on them, USA Today reported on Tuesday.

The city has reported more than 3,800 partial or total building collapses from 2000 to 2013, although in at least two of those years no records were kept.

The reasons for the poor condition of so many buildings include weather, neglect, subpar renovations and the stealing of structural beams.

Officials estimate that some 28,000 people in Havana live in buildings that are in danger of collapsing at any moment, but some refuse to leave these structures because they say they have nowhere else to go.

There are no officials figures on the number of those killed or injured in building collapses.

A few years back, BBC reported that as many as seven out of every 10 houses need major repairs in the city, while 7 percent of housing in Havana has been declared uninhabitable.

The crisis exists despite the fact that officials have won numerous international awards for their work to restore Old Havana historic sector, according to USA Today.

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