Comment of the Day : From “Proreason”

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proreason – this can’t be. Yes, the media lied continuously about Trump, about spygate, about Russiagate, about the golden showers, about Kavanaugh, about Amy, about the economy, about the border, about the BLM riots, about Juicy Smollet, about crime, about antifa, about Nick Sandman, about Trayvon, about Ferguson, about every conflict in the Middle East, about the election, and about thousands and thousands of other things large and small, but surely they aren’t lying about our beloved Ukraine, even though 99% of Americans didn’t know it even existed six months ago.

Every Ukrainian is a saint, ordained by the God they don’t believe in, and a hero, and blessed with super-powers, and a savior of civilization and our democracy and the children.

And every Russian is the exact opposite.