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Comment of the Day

Oh Dr. Savage – you could talk about anything and I will listen. 

Your voice is a frequency that brings me great peace, inspires curiosity and increases my understanding of our world.

Driving my boy to hockey for years, I loved hearing your shows, bounced a bit as Chicago is a tough machine to penetrate. I remember my son in the back seat saying, he’s a revolutionary. That startled me, because you so remind me of my straight shooting father, whom has since passed, further drawing me to your voice and direct and clarifying approach. My son’s comment revealed how our education system was cultivating a different philosophy, skirting anti-patriotism, stifling critical thought and labeling. 

Your personality and strength of character is immensely admirable, your love of dialog and parsing through things we all think about to me is an art that can’t be duplicated. From health, cooking, common sense, stories of your youth, your family -human and Teddy, your adventures and your acrimonious love of life is magnetic. I cheer when you’re on TV – only God knows what you will declare but it’s worth hearing you out because it’s always enlightening. 

You continue with your many passions – be it for me to direct, just one grateful soul ever since I first heard your voice and have grown in common sense and life as a result. 

Thank you and may God continue to Bless you!

 Almost forgot – your idea of chicken sausage in the red sauce and pasta – you made it look so delicious, I made it – and it was amazing. Your cooking is inspiring!  Kathleen.