College students and universities ditching humanities majors in order to prepare for ‘in-demand careers’

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College students are choosing to forego humanities majors in favor of more practical options that allow them to prepare for in-demand careers, Fox News correspondent Mike Emanuel told “America Reports” Thursday.

Some U.S. colleges are making changes to their curriculum by getting rid of humanities majors altogether, including Marymount University in Virginia which recently did away with its English major.

“After a persistent yearly decline in applications and enrollment in our English degree, it was recommended and approved by our Board of Trustees to remove this program from our program inventory,” the school confirmed told Fox News in a statement. “This decision reflects not only our students’ needs, but our responsibility to prepare them for the fulfilling, in-demand careers of the future.”

Fewer than one in 10 students graduated with a humanities degree in 2020, a 24 percent decline since 2012, according to the American Academy for Arts and Sciences. Experts signal that high college costs have led students to be more practical starting about 15 years ago when the economy was in major recession.