CNN’s Van Jones: Dems ‘Off Track’ Worrying More About Pronouns Than ‘Inflation’

CNN political correspondent Van Jones warned that the left is making a big mistake in prioritizing pronouns and gender ideology over “things that are affecting” Americans “every day” like inflation and the economy.

“I do think that this issue around the gender binary has taken up way too much space in the public conversation. I think that people are weary of it,” Jones said Friday on HBO’s “Real Time.”

“I think that people having to put the…this and that and the pronouns on their Zoom, all of that stuff starts to send a signal, I think, to working-class voters that these people are not concerned about things that are affecting me every day.”

Jones went on to say that Democrats obsessing over gender identity and other trivialities puts the political discourse “out of balance.”

“They’re not concerned about inflation, they’re not concerned about — which is not to say you can’t care about everybody, but there’s something that’s out of balance,” he said. “And so, I think that when we start sending the cultural signal that we’re more concerned about the pronoun you put on your Zoom call than we are concerned about the fact that you don’t have a house or a job, I think the party is off track.”

The CNN commentator also admitted that the American people have been “sold down the river” by Democrats and establishment Republicans alike.


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