CNN’s Privileged Chris Cuomo Stampeded Your Grandma to Get VIP Coronavirus Tests: Nolte

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A bombshell report exposes how CNN’s Chris Cuomo benefited from his celebrity, wealth, privilege, and family connections to jump New York’s coronavirus testing line to benefit himself and his family.

What Chris Cuomo did is so craven and corrupt, if it happened in a movie you would laugh at the idea such a one-dimensional villain.

By the time the China Virus hit New York, thanks to the pandemics that had already hit Europe, most especially Italy, Chris Cuomo’s brother, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), already knew who was most at-risk: the sick and elderly. So, when CNNLOL’s Chris Cuomo exploited his connection to his brother to receive VIP coronavirus testing, both Chris and Andrew knew that neither Chris nor his family were in any real danger.

Nevertheless, according to the Albany Times-Union, Chris Cuomo still stampeded over your elderly grandmother (may God rest her soul) and still squandered New York’s precious first responder and medical resources, and did so at the earliest and deadliest time of the New York pandemic when resources were precious and targeted on containing the virus from spreading.

Yes, as the pandemic roared through New York, as everyday New Yorkers, like your elderly grandmother (may God rest her soul), were desperate to be tested, and while they were on the phone begging for a test, and while they waited in long drive-thru lines hoping for a test, CNNLOL’s young and healthy and not-at-risk Chris Cuomo was sitting at home in the Hamptons being personally tested, numerous times.

Oh, and Chris Cuomo’s concierge, VIP testing service wasn’t just performed by anyone…

Oh, no…

According to the Times-Union It wasn’t some registered nurse or some health department bureaucrat who took precious time away from a spiraling catastrophe to drive out the Hamptons to test the young and healthy and not-at-risk Fredo and his young and healthy and not-at-risk  family. No, according to the Times-Union, Fredo and his family were personally tested by “top health department officials”:

The medical officials enlisted to do the testing, which often took place at private residences, included Dr. Eleanor Adams, an epidemiologist who graduated from Harvard Medical School and in August became a special adviser to [Health Commissioner Dr. Howard] Zucker. Adams conducted testing on Cuomo’s brother Chris at his residence on Long Island, according to the two people.

“To be doing sort of direct clinical work was a complete time-suck away from their other duties,” the person said. “It was like wartime.”

While it was not unusual for those with symptoms to be tested in their residences at that time, much of the work was done by public health nurses, and they were often being transported by law enforcement officers, including parole officers.
And then, even if your grandmother (may God rest her soul) was lucky enough to receive a test, while she stressed and fretted waiting for the results, those tests done for the young and healthy and not-at-risk Fredo family were — get this — driven by state troopers to testing facilities where “their samples moved to the front of the line at Wadsworth and be given priority.”


In summation: CNNLOL’s Chris Cuomo was not at any real risk. Nevertheless, top health officials still took time out their precious days during a “wartime” situation to personally drive all the way out to the Hamptons to test Chris at home. Then state troopers raced his results to the lab. Then his tests jumped to the front of the line. And then — and this is what I find most outrageous — the information his test results might have yielded to aid in stopping the virus and learning about the virus, were hidden.

All of these precious, scarce, and expensive resources that could have done some real good elsewhere were wasted on young and healthy and not-at-risk man just because he’s on TV and the governor’s brother.

And then we all know what happened next…

When the young and healthy and not-at-risk Cuomo did catch the coronavirus, he milked it to boost his humiliating ratings at CNNLOL (which have since fallen back to humiliating), but did this milking based on the lie he was quarantining himself in his family’s finished basement for the good of his family and world. The truth, however, is that Cuomo did not quarantine himself. During the worst days of the New York pandemic, and while he was still infected with the virus, Typhoid Fredo was out driving around  with other people, running around New York maskless, getting in arguments with private citizens….

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