CNN’s irresponsible softball interview with Harvey Weinstein


On the eve of Harvey Weinstein’s first ( but likely not his only) criminal trial, CNN quietly published unedited and unchallenged remarks from the sexual predator.

Given Weinstein’s near-radio silence with the press and the timing of the piece, CNN’s decision to platform Weinstein’s lies and pleas for pity seems awfully strange. But the tenor and substance are even weirder.

For starters, CNN claims that they asked Weinstein eight distinct questions by email, but it doesn’t include all of the questions in the articles. This leaves readers to wonder why the very first quotation from Weinstein reads as follows:

“The past two years have been grueling and have presented me with a great opportunity for self-reflection. I realize now that I was consumed with my work, my company and my drive for success. This caused me to neglect my family, my relationships and to lash out at the people around me. I have been in rehab since October 2017, and have been involved in a 12-step program and meditation. I have learned to give up my need for control.”

Although CNN lists the criminal charges against the disgraced producer, it makes no mention of the bevy of publicly available evidence, from his confessions clandestinely recorded on an audiotape to a myriad of contemporaneously corroborating witnesses. What CNN does make sure to allow is space for him to attack the media, credit “meditation and focus on looking inward” for helping him “balance” his emotions, and commit himself to a career comeback.

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